svs sb vs pb

svs sb vs pb

 svs sb vs pb

As always, the SVS 1000 Pro woofers come in two versions: bass reflex and closed. While the latter stands for the highest music precision, the former should make the home cinema tremble. But there is a compromise: push the plug in! Here is our comparison.

Finally, operate the SB-1000 Pro and the PB-1000 Pro from the comfort of your armchair via Bluetooth connection using a tablet or smartphone. The SVS subwoofer app , which is available free of charge for iOS and Android , offers a whole range of options for adjusting and controlling the two bass modules with intuitive operation.\

Lots of change

Further improvements were made to the front-firing drivers, which were optimized in terms of level and precision for higher performance. The PB-1000 Pro, which is ventilated by two bass reflex tubes on the front, made the biggest leap.

Before it only had a 10-inch woofer and now, like the SB-1000 Pro, it also has a 12-inch driver. As usual, SVS carries out the concept with closed and open subwoofers , even in the smallest class.

The Americans are specifically addressing the needs of music fans with closed housings known for their precision and film freaks with special thunder thanks to the bass reflex tuning this tuning Before. You can not only hear this tuning before but also see it in the measured values.



Pros And Cons


very precise and deep bass from a compact housing


can not quite as much level and depth as the PB-1000 Pro

However, the two different concepts lead to a difference that is particularly striking: The ultra -compact , cube-shaped housing of the SB-1000 Pro nestles very tightly against its 30 centimeter long-throw woofer with fiber composite membrane. The baffle protrudes just over a finger's width at the narrowest points.

The PB-1000 Pro is not only 20 cm lower , but also surpasses the power mini by more than 10 cm . Both benefit the bass reflex construction. SVS didn't just drill two holes in the front to line it with short ports.

The perfectionists laid two stately pipelines, reminiscent of oversized snorkels, along the bottom of the MDF housing to the rear wall. There they make a 90-degree bend and end just below the upper housing wall lined with insulating material. SVS thus achieves an ideal ratio of low end and low compression at high levels.


Pros And Cons


extremely deep, controlled bass with high level for little money


not very living room friendly

Improved drivers

The drivers of the unequal twins rely on identical ingredients - from the light but stiff membranes made of composite fiber material, the 1.5-inch, voice coils and six-layer high-purity copper wire winding on high-temperature aluminum coil carriers to the strong double magnets on powder-coated sheet steel baskets.

And the electronics with 56-bit accurate digital crossover and class D amplifier with heavy-duty MOSFETS are identical for both.

Even if a lot has happened technically, SVS not only keeps the prices at an affordable level. The two subwoofers also cater for newcomers in a different way: In addition to cinch inputs (and outputs), the Americans stick to the high-power terminals for connecting speaker cables, so that they can be used in conjunction with hi-fi amps without subwoofer outputs.

There was a surprise in the listening test , which rarely happens with SVS. And by that we don't mean the constant amazement at what the subwoofer specialists, who also build boxes (not the other way around, as they like to emphasize), offer a really impressive quality in relation to the respective class. That's always priced in, like insider information in a stock price, before certain company news is made public.

No, we're talking about a real surprise: the SB-1000 Pro offered the precision and timing that goes perfectly with dynamic music playback. And it's also great for home cinema on its own, as long as there are no level orgies with films like "The Expendables III" on the program.

But if you put the two plugs for the bass reflex openings into the PB-1000 Pro , then it offered an even more powerful and deeper punch with comparable precision . If you take out the foam plugs in action films, you'll get an inferno as the icing on the cake, which will go through your bones.

One series, two variants?

SVS affords the luxury of two different housings, even for the smallest series.

As usual, there is a closed and a bass reflex subwoofer from the 1000 Pro series . With this, SVS would like to take typical music or home cinema applications into account. Finally, closed bass modules usually have higher impulse precision, which is more noticeable in music listening, where perfect timing is important, than in explosions and other low-frequency special effects in home theater. In addition, the concept of the closed SB-1000 Pro enables a compact cube with an edge length of just 34.2 centimeters.

svs sb vs pb
image credit: SVS

The PB-1000 Pro takes up a lot more space and looks a lot more martial with its two bass reflex ports on the front. Like the SB-1000 Pro, it also got the new 12-inch model that is designed for a long stroke. He lets it rip in the cinema. However, it turned out that if you use the supplied foam plugs, it is hardly inferior to the SB-1000 Pro in terms of kick and precision and puts a whole lot more punch in terms of intensity.

New electronics

With the 1000 Pro series, SVS is converting the last subwoofers to app control via Bluetooth. And the performance increases a bit.

The SB-1000 Pro and the PB-1000 Pro feature the new STA-325D sledge amps with 325 watts of continuous power and 820 watts of pulse power respectively. This makes a difference of 25 watts in the sine output. The more modern operating concept weighs far more than this small performance peaksled because the new electronic modules have a Bluetooth interface. The two subwoofers can be used to connect to a smartphone or tablet.

svs sb vs pb
Here is the keypad on the back with the visual LED feedback.

This allows the user to carry out the setup conveniently and quickly from the sofa and quickly adjust the level during operation or call up different presets for home cinema or music. Targeted corrections are now also possible using equalizers and high- pass filters to limit the lower cut-off frequency. The keypad on the back with the visual LED feedback is usually not needed at all.


With the Pro upgrade, the 1000s can now enjoy an app.

The other series of the house SVS already had it. With the 1000 Pro series, even the smallest subwoofers in the range can enjoy the very well-implemented SVS app for iOS and Android. This allows the smartphone or tablet to be conveniently connected to the subwoofer via Bluetooth.

This not only eliminates the annoying standing up and bending down in front of the back when you want to adjust something. You also get access to many more, much more precise possibilities from the listening position.

svs sb vs pb

These include a parametric equalizer for targeted adjustment to room modes. But you can also activate a high-pass filter and thus cut the depth of the two subwoofers in order not to overwhelm the room with too much low-frequency energy. And you can save three user settings for different scenarios.

It goes without saying that the crossover frequency of the low-pass filter or the playback level can be precisely adjusted by ear from the listening position. In the past, you would ideally have had to do something like this in pairs or run back and forth. In addition, the app has good user guidance.

Conclusion SVS SB VS PB

The PB-1000 Pro is the better buy for all purposes, even if it costs 100 euros more even with foil veneer than the SB-1000 Pro with a noble glossy finish. But the money is well invested from a purely sonic point of view - as long as you're willing to kneel down and lend a hand every now and then.

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