BTS Jimin Reveals Solo MV "Set Me Free Pt.2"

BTS Jimin Reveals Solo MV "Set Me Free Pt.2"

 BTS Jimin Reveals Solo MV "Set Me Free Pt.2"

The song will be on the album "Face", which will be released on March 24.

BTS member Jimin shared his solo track "Set Me Free Pt.2". In terms of sound, it turned out to be quite unusual: it combines orchestral and choral parts with modern hip-hop rhythms.

Along with the single, Jimin posted a music video with powerful choreography directed by Oui Kim. The director has previously worked with BTS on the video for "Interlude: Shadow" and has also collaborated with Twice, Seventeen, NCT 127, and Tomorrow X Together.

You can see a large tattoo on Jimin: this is a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "Growing in circles over a flock of things" (Ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen). The artist uses the metaphor of "expanding circles" to describe the accumulation of knowledge and experience in a person's life.

The musician spoke about the track in an interview with Consequence - in particular, he revealed the history of the title "Set Me Free Pt.2". Jimin doesn't have a song titled "Set Me Free" which is a reference to Suga's track "Interlude: Set Me Free". Suga is his fellow BTS member, and the song "Interlude: Set Me Free" was released on the mixtape "D-2" (2020), which Suga released under the pseudonym Agust D.

“There is no connection between them. And we did not try to separate the first and second parts. But it turned out that my song is about freedom and moving forward, and Suga's track talks about some previous stories. And I thought it would be nice if it became a sequel."

"Set Me Free Pt.2" will appear on Jimin's debut solo album Face, which will be released on March 24. In the same interview, the artist shared the details of the upcoming album:

“This album tells how I look back on myself and how I got out. If people understand what emotions I tried to express, then it will be a success.”

Jimin is the third member of BTS to release a solo album. Recall that in 2022 the group went on hiatus. In July, J-Hope released Jack In The Box, and in December, RM released IndigoJimin takes his job very seriously:

“You know, the other members were very nervous before releasing solo albums. But in comparison with these feelings, the results were simply amazing. I don’t want to embarrass my colleagues, I want to be proud of my participation in BTS.”

Earlier in 2023, Jimin released a collaboration track with Big Bang's Taeyang, "Vibe"It entered the top 5 of South Korea's chart and gained 89 million views on YouTube.

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