Spinner all-in-one CoolGeek VS-01

Spinner all-in-one CoolGeek VS-01

Spinner all-in-one CoolGeek VS-01

Hong Kong-based CoolGeek has submitted its turntable as a Kickstarter project, and it appears to be a viable project. A nice two-speed turntable combined with an active speaker system is offered.

The chassis is rather flat, the architecture is reminiscent of a TV stand-soundbar: a pair of two-inch 5-watt tweeters on a grilled front panel and a downward-firing 4-inch mid/bass driver powered by a 30-watt amplifier.

There are also a couple of line outputs, supplemented by two-way Bluetooth 5.0: the system can not only stream audio from the disc being played, but also act as a Bluetooth speaker. Everything is controlled by a single illuminated encoder on the front panel.

As for the turntable itself, it, as usual, occupies the upper part of the structure. The acrylic disc is adorned with abstract UV printed designs. The belt drive from a silent, high-speed NIDEC motor equipped with what CoolGeek calls "state-of-the-art closed-loop control technology" can be observed through the disc. It rotates at speeds of 33 or 45 rpm, the switch is on the back.

The carbon fiber tonearm ends with an Ortofon OM 5E pickup and is fitted with an autostop. The body stands on pointed conical legs. In total, the device, according to CoolGeek, relies on three damping systems.

This description of the VS-01 can be completed. There was a small touch: the turntable part of the device is located on the base not horizontally, but vertically. The question of the influence of such a design on the durability of the plates remains open. The main thing is that you can't refuse the originality of VS-01, the wow effect has been achieved. According to Kickstarter, if the project is successful, deliveries of new items will begin in March - and the necessary amount for implementation has already been collected.

For project investors from the USA, the price of the CoolGeek VS-01 turntable starts at $600.

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